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The Hero’s Journey

Looking deep inside is not for the faint of heart. Challenging decades old beliefs is an intimidating and daunting proposition. The path…


Meet John

John A. Attard Is the founder of Conscious Male Media. From the “Goal Line” to the “Soul Line”…



I once believed that you and I were the same. To be in the world sharing every want, need, and desire. But…


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What can be relied upon is our ability to adapt. Life is about cultivating trust in ourselves to persist beyond any challenge. Trust this.
Conscious Male

Infinite Potential

Our Mission

Conscious Male supports men, and their stakeholders, in discovering purpose, embodying presence, and actualizing potential.

Our Mission is to create an environment that is approachable yet provocative, challenging while supportive, as we explore the "why, how, and what" in all that we do.

Together we confront misbeliefs and patterns, shift expired narratives, and uncover new ways of being in today's ever-evolving world.

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