I once believed that you and I were the same.

To be in the world sharing every want, need, and desire.

But this all crashed against an impassable barrier of unmet expectations.

Can our deepest love exist within the realm of sameness?   Or does the heartbeat, just a little bit faster, when our kinks and dents are fully received?

Opposites in form and purpose yet here to either be the light or the liberator of light.

The unbinding truth is that our capacity to truly know ourselves is through the looking glass of the one we give our heart.

Metal is magnetized as opposing poles create the unalterable polarity of Yab Yum.

The perfect union expressed as performance art or Theater of the Absurd.  What matters most is that we make yoga from both inspiration and mess.

And beyond our physical world we see this in the stars.

When looking deep into the heavens a cosmic story of unrequited love is told.

Our earth is held in place because it exists within the gravity of the sun.

The trustable presence of this fiery giant creates a force that preserves our home in the perfect orbit.  Strong enough to hold, yet not consuming, allowing enough, yet unyielding.

And isn’t this the truest love? To be fiercely held yet given the freedom to dance amongst the stars.

Conscious Male Media · CM Gravity 072220B