I Ching Weekly with Bobby Klein

I Ching Weekly with Bobby Klein

#30 Li Radiance; Omens Shine Bright

Eclipse of the Moon
Reflecting on past desires
What was I thinking?

The Wisdom: 

Fire on the water
A bright omen for change

Consider that the image of fire on the water in this Kua is a symbolic omen of your situation. The image of a clinging fire is representative of your courage and resolve. It is fire that clings to the heart and makes way for the new as it burns away obstacles that have kept you in bondage. Old belief systems and tired ingrained societal patterns are the fuel for the fire that is an illuminator; bringing forward the jewels of life that have been hiding, shadowed by the ego, and have obscured the correct pathway to the illumination the soul.

Declarative rituals of freedom are appropriate and necessary now. Ritual clears your vision, which will be stunning as your belief in yourself and the remembering of your authentic self takes hold and sets you free. Set the ritual table and create ceremony. In these actions a new seriousness comes into play and the patterns that have been holding you back are eliminated through your release of doubt and shame in ritual. By deconstructing your doubts and their origins these obstacles will lose power and will convert its energy to fuel. Make a plan, ask for assistance if need be, and dig into your doubts as you are presented with the light of transformation.

It is a time of gathering together, as this light that shines is doubled, revealing the intricate beauty of what was hidden. You are entering a cycle of change, where all is illuminated and all is possible.

Note well, you are right where you are supposed to be with a fire raging in your belly, excited, and a little scared. Use these elements of excitement and fear as fuel for the sacred fire that is building deep within. Soon the fear will lessen and your purpose and path will be revealed.

Honoring where you have been and what you have experienced will be the benefit. Honor all sentient beings, yourself, body, spirit, love, art and your sense of place.  Mix all with humor and it will be a powerful elixir to sustain you on the journey. It is what you have learned up to this point that will feed this sacred fire that comes as a ritual cycle to enliven your spirit and calm your mind.

Li represents the fire in the belly and the passion in your heart. Look to the element of fire and how it burns, clings, and releases. This is your lesson. See the element of fire as your soul. In this, the fire will burn away what is no longer useful. The fires licking flames are gifts of comfort and passion igniting the new and the creative.

Change the words your ego that attempts to block your creativity and to stop you from loving and from being loved. You are in the mode of learning to receive, learning that receiving does not hurt, it inspires. Embrace and rededicate what works, and with a swift sword cut what no longer serves you. Be diligent in reigniting your brightness by letting the wisdom of spirit helpers in and sharing that wisdom which will help make the world a brighter place.

During transitions such as this Kua refers to, live in the fullness of being human. Bring and give light, as you stay on the path of correct living in Universal truth. Share your bounty and your wisdom. In this way your light and purpose does not wane as you are a steadfast warrior for the greater good

Integrity and compassion will open the doorway to trust and release you from the control of old patterns and allow you to maintain equanimity. Embrace your greatness and strength. You are entering a time when you can deliver clarity to your tribe and family who also yearn for the light. Be assured that you are the one to deliver this light in all its fullness. By increasing the light and using the proper emotional and spiritual fuels, the intensity of the flames cause no damage. These elements become healing light; the light of love, creativity, health, and passion.

As you face old rancid patterns and behaviors you will be leaving suppressed, worn-out and painful negative alliances of family, friends, and associates, breaking the unsaid contracts that have bound you to old ways, the ways that did not leave room for you to remember be fully in your truth. In this way the beauty of what was etched in the original canvas of your soul is revealed and your purpose is activated and brought front and center.

The feelings that are stirring within you are powerful and by using that strength you will come to remember who you truly are. See yourself in your magnificence as you step out from behind the veils in glorious garb of light and celebration for all to see. Recognize and honor the loving beings of spirit that have been standing with you, waiting for you to step forward into the light of truth, beauty, and compassion.

The unexpected is here, bringing together what belongs together.
Give all from your heart, body, and soul to the grand process you are immersed in.

By being the love you desire you will ignite the transformation you have been preparing for.

In lak’ech
—Bobby K

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